International Professional Certified Coach with New Code NLP

As a certified Practitioner in New Code NLP by ITANLP, participants will strenght their competences of New Code learning coaching fundamentals, Self-Coaching and Advanced NLP New Code skills.

Language: English

Target audience: Certified Practitioner in New Code Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) by ITANLP

Schedule: from 9am to 5pm

N° of participants: 20 maximum

Duration: 25 days + 2 days certification (Hours of training: 230)

Launch price Residential*: 15’400 CHF (individual) │19’950 CHF (company). Price certification: 2’300 CHF


Have at least 100 hours of coaching practice with New Code NLP

*Residential: Chemin du Muveran 4, 1012 Lausanne – CH

As a certified Practitioner in New Code NLP by ITANLP, participants will strenghten their knowledge of New Code learning coaching fundamentals, Self-Coaching and Advanced NLP New Code skills.


The methodology will be assimilated by participants thanks to the inductive method and constant practice.


Different bootcamps will allow participants to train in a safe context, where their abilities will be stretched and their skills reinforced.


The webinars aim to monitor the participants’ practices in their own area, and to offer them genuine feed-back on what they are doing really well and what they can improve.


Participants will be tested during the whole training programme and the results will be part of the final evaluation.


The certification consists in a written exam, a practical exam and an evaluation by the trainers of 3 videos on the use of New Code NLP protocols during 3 different coaching sessions.


The structure of this programme aims to build confidence, determination and skills, so that participants may launch and maintain a coaching business.



– Create a deep and strong alliance with your unconscious

– Learn how to work content free and reproduce your great results

– Ability to work with different type of Clients always process oriented

– Be in the flow using different protocols

– Create, develop and maintain your own business

What you will learn:


New Code Coaching Fundamentals

Set up the relationship with your client

  • Role of the coach
  • Attitude of a coach
  • Coaching skills required
  • Role of the coachee
  • Rules of the game
  • Set up the ethical bounderies
  • Avoid dependence with your clients


Set up a typical coaching session as New Code NLP coach

  • Objectives definition
  • Hierarchy of chunking
  • Objectives validation
  • How to set up a contract
  • When and how to refuse a contract
  • Ability to design intervention
  • Note taking
  • Measuring immediate results with congruency
  • How to invite to dance your clients’ uncoscious
  • Verify results through tasking
  • Utilisation of trigger points
  • Set up parallel isomorphic task
  • Tasking: listening off the top for semanticaly packed words
  • How to review results
  • When and how to close the coaching
  • How to review results and close contracts in corporations
  • Working with children and parents: how to establish contracts


Set up your daily activity

  • Organising the day: space between meetings and caring for yourself
  • Estimating what can achieved in a limited number of sessions
  • Introduction of my coaching partners SA system fort organising individual client file
  • Create clients’ file


How to stay on a process coaching

  • Process vs content
  • Maintain a process coaching
  • What is content imposition and how to avoid it


Commercial and marketing

  • Create your own business with your unconscious support
  • Set up a work-life balance routine


Coaching clients

  • Maintain a state of relaxation, no anticipatory curiosity and congruenty in a context where significant demands are being made on your ability to deliver serious values
  • How to embrace ambiguity and vagueness
  • Be flexible in coaching, using your unconsious signals
  • Exploit your potential, applying the protocols in the flow


Connection and coordination with your unconsious

  • Start the dance with your unconscious mind
  • How to escape the tyranny of the pattern of excellence
  • Unconscious assimilation of the model
  • How to develop an hypnotic fascination with competencies and excellence
  • Become the greatest supervisor of yourself


Advanced NLP New Code competencies and skills

Advanced protocols

  • How to deal and negotiate with internal dialogue
  • How to create your own variation and become the owner of the patterns
  • S pattern
  • Create an ally
  • Healer within
  • Pattern interruption
  • New code NLP Modeling format
  • Advanced technics with unconscious mind


With your clients

  • How to deal with corporate clients, their Human Resources specialists and clients’ supervisor when setting goals
  • How to move from a Executive coaching to children coaching on the same day
  • How to transform Classic Code tools into New Code tools


With your family and friends

  • How to work with relatives and friends
  • How to set up rules
  • What happens when rules are not respected
  • Coaching skills required


6 Modules: dates will be defined later

3 Bootcamps: dates will be defined later

4 Webinars of 2 hours each: dates will be defined with the participants

Certification: dates will be defined later

Hours of group webinar mentoring: 8

Hours of individual mentoring: 6

Hours of self-coaching: 200 minimum

Hours of practice with Clients: 240 minimum

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