New Code NLP and International Coaching NLP in the Sun with John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll

My coaching academy, part of my coaching partners sa, is delighted to be working with the The NLP Academy as an Affiliate Partner in offering people in Switzerland who wish to attend  the NLP in the Sun courses led by John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll, taking place this coming June in Portugal.

NLP in the Sun 2022, takes place in Sesimbra, a coastal town located 45 minutes driving from Lisbon. It’s a beautiful setting for an amazing learning opportunity providing attendees with an in-depth educational experience in Classic Code NLP, New Code NLP and Coaching Excellence.

NLP Practitioner and International Coaching, 06 -19 June 2022

The NLP Practitioner and International Coaching course consists of two modules over 13 days of live training for the core certification and a third additional module which takes place after the course, to provide the International Coaching Certification.


The course incorporates Classic Code NLP, New Code NLP and specialist coaching models for participants to gain the education and practical experiences to utilise the learning material for coaching others to breakthrough challenges and achieve high performance.


People new to NLP will take the entire course to acquire the skill set to apply Classic and New Code NLP to optimise their own lives and coach others for excellence.


People already trained in Classic NLP can join for parts two and three to upgrade their current NLP skills to incorporate New Code NLP and the advanced coaching modules included in the course.

Core Skills NLP, led by Michael Carroll 


06 – 10 June 2022, 2pm – 8pm 


During these first five days with Michael Carroll, you will learn the Core Skills of Classic NLP, which provides a solid working base of NLP knowledge for the following modules in the course.

The NLP skills you will learn, such as communication excellence, peak performance, rapport, linguistic influence, goal setting and personal change can be applied in all areas of life for high achievement.

The learnings from Module One have a lifelong application for use across different life areas ranging from family communication, business influence, life leadership and coaching excellence. NLP is often referred to as the study of excellence, and this module goes to the core of this principle offering you a unique opportunity to address what has held you back previously and reach for excellence across all life areas.

Your Learning Points

  • Acute observation and pattern detection skills – building visual and auditory awareness to calibrate the subtleties in body language and tonal shifts in clients
  • Non verbal influence by entering another person’s psychological world
  • Leading non verbally through micro muscle mirroring for influence and change work
  • Multi level communication approaches – overlapping language from the visual, auditory and kinaesthetic systems
  • Linguistic re-modelling, active listening skills to enable a person to naturally re-language a problem into a solution
  • Language detection and utilisation, listening to and utilising a person’s preferred channel of speech to make deep connections
  • Perceptual awareness, constructing rich mental maps for understanding motivation and intention in self and other, and gaining objectivity as an observer
  • Anchoring – the art and skill of capturing and manoeuvring states to blow out problems and have instant access to resources
  • Submodalities – the core structure of our internal awareness, how to change the subtleties

After part one, you will have a precise skill set for enhanced business and personal relationships, tools for linguistic excellence for engagement and influence, and strategies to coach yourself and others from limiting mindsets to mental maps which are more constructive.

New Code NLP for Coaching Excellence with John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll


12 – 19 June 2022, 4pm – 10pm


During these 8 days you will be learning New Code NLP, which will give you the latest developments in NLP, geared for coaching excellence, and creating life opportunities for you and your clients where challenges once existed.

New Code NLP patterning brings rapid and lasting change and performance levels for clients way beyond the scope of left brain coaching formats, which exist in standard coaching courses. New Code NLP creates a radical framework for a more efficient form of NLP which utilises optimised states in the change process. New Code NLP is constantly evolving and you are assured of the latest coaching models to support you and your clients to achieve your life goals and more.

John and Carmen teach five days of the course, directly via live stream to our venue in Sesimbra. John and Carmen’s sessions will be delivered in the same style and format as if they were in person teaching. They will deliver their content, set up exercises, and take questions from students making their live stream highly active and participative. Michael teaches 2 days of part two live in Sesimbra and also conducts the New Code NLP evaluations on 19 June.

This blended style of teaching where John and Carmen are streamed live, and Michael teaching at the physical course, has proven very successful on previous courses in 2020/2021 and has been an excellent solution for working around the restrictions on travel from the USA to Europe for John and Carmen.

Your Learning Points

  • New Code NLP Change Format – how to set up the change process for optimised state transference to be automatic
  • State Erasers – formats for wiping clean historic states which carry fear, anxiety and stress – Breath of Life and Rhythm of Life
  • State Optimisers, New Code Games, a key element of New Code NLP for high performance and optimised states to be natural in life – Nasa Game, Alphabet Game, Croydon Ball Game
  • Working with the unconscious mind, N Step Reframe, Healer Within
  • Setting up a robust communication system between conscious and unconscious resources to be ecologically available
  • Working with extreme unwanted states which come so quickly a person loses control, or they build incrementally where the client is not aware of the negative shift until they are immersed and stuck in an unwanted state, Sanctuary
  • The Three Stage Coaching Protocol to work at the levels of problem construction, leveraging resources, and setting up an exciting future
  • Non linear coaching – utilising non verbal communication, provocation, misdirection, tasking, active metaphors and other specialist communication
  • Intention and Consequence coaching formats, which explore life contexts at different logical levels
  • Creating an internal team, aligning internal dialogue, automatic sensations, and the logic of your Inner Consultant
  • Working with the linguistic distinctions inherent in ‘descriptive, interpretive and evaluative’ linguistic structures to create choice in the linguistic map
  • NLP Epistemology, a model which precisely maps human experience at input, processing and output level, providing a methodology of which classification of intervention to apply in different contextual situations

The New Code NLP skills offered on this course can be applied across different professional capacities for improved performance. Business people, educators, retailers, community workers and change agents all will gain invaluable skills from this course as will anyone whose life activities involve engaging people for higher levels of accomplishment.

International NLP Coaching Certification


International NLP Coaching Certification is an additional option for those learners who seek accreditation as an International NLP Coach through the NLP Academy. This evaluation takes place 4 – 12 weeks after the course. The coach arranges a live client session in his/her own place of work and conducts the coaching session following the coaching assessment criteria.

The session will be between 45 minutes and one hour long, and observed by an NLP Academy evaluator. After the session, the coach will receive video feedback on his or her performance and if the evaluation is successful will be awarded certification as an International NLP Coach.

Part One and Two, for people new to NLP, offering the following certifications

  • NLP Practitioner Classic Code
  • New Code NLP Practitioner for Coaching Excellence


Full Investment for 13 days training and course certification

£3,599.00 + IVA at 23%


Early Booking Price until 6 May

£2,699.00 + IVA at 23%

Part Two, for people already trained in Classic Code NLP, offering the following certification


  • New Code NLP Practitioner for Coaching Excellence


Full Investment for 8 days training and course certification

£2,899.00 + IVA at 23%


Early Booking Price until 6 May

£2,199.00 + IVA at 23%

Part Three, optional to both groups above, taking place after the course via Zoom, offering the following certification


  • International NLP Coach


£250.00 + IVA at 23%