Become an International Professional Certified Coach

with New Code NLP

Experiment a unique and innovative training model with the New Code of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Coaching is one of the fastest growing business phenomena today. Originally, coaching came to Europe from the US in the 80s. It was definitely an international US trend at the time and has emerged today as a global industry.


The aim of this program is to offer participants a technology based on the latest discovery in NLP, the New Code, with a pragmatic and experimental approach, and to educate a new generation of Coaches who work by process and develop the flexibility to use this methodology with Executives, Directors, Managers, Individuals of all ages and Athletes.


Coaching with New Code is completely different from most forms of coaching in the sense that its main emphasis is on leveraging unconscious process for high performance.


The program is divided in 2 stages:

If you decide to enroll for this program, you will experience the simplicity, effectiveness and fun of the New Code NLP through the inductive method.


This experience will allow you to transfer naturally what you will learn during the program in your daily activity, both personal and professional, whatever the context is.