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Why should I choose my coaching academy?

Because the courses are taught by teachers who are experienced and certified by the founders of the New Code of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

What happens if I miss classes?

In case of prevention due to force majeure, a catch-up can be proposed.

Is there a certificate at the end of the course?

Only for some modules (see module sheets). A certificate of participation is provided for all courses.

I need a certificate to be absent from work, can you provide me one?

Yes, on request.

Can I get a refund for the course?

Some companies agree to refund the course. We can provide documentation to support your request.

Are you certified and accredited by the ICF (International Coaching Federation)?

We chose not to be affiliated with the ICF, but with the International Trainers Academy of NLP (ITANLP), which brings together NLP New Code coaches and trainers, certified directly by John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St. Clair and Michael Carroll.

Why become an International Professional Certified Coach with the New Code NLP?

Despite of the effectiveness of the NLP, John Grinder with Carmen Bostic St. Clair decided in the 80’s to develop the New Code. In fact, they realised that even if the NLP was effective also with average Coaches, often the Coaches were not successful due to lack of self-application, absence of congruency between their conscious and unconscious mind and were not able to manage their state.

The New Code NLP has indeed specific protocols that can be also self-applied, to work with the unconscious mind and to enter in a high performance state. In fact, with the New Code NLP Coaching the Client creates a context where high performance emerges naturally and the client can immediately benefit from the effectiveness of the methodology and its results.

my coaching academy will be for you a “Campus for Life”, where you will be exposed to different and various challenges like role play, games, puzzles, real life and pressure tests, and you will learn how to overcome them with grace, effortlessness and sheer competency.

Who designed the training program to become an International Professional Certified Coach?

The design of the programme has being created by Alessandro de Vita Zublena, who has a wide experience gained in more than 45’000 hours of coaching since 1994, in collaboration with Federica De Nardi. Both are New Code Trainers approved by ITANLP.

Why use only NLP as a coach?

In our opinion, Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) have been and remain linked together. In fact top coaches utilise NLP skills in their daily practices. Since the early days of NLP in the 1970, the formats have evolved to become one of, if not the most effective, models for coaching.  It seems that a lot of people consider NLP as a coaching tool, while in practice NLP and partuculary NLP New code is a well-defined, structured, indipendent and successful methodology.

It’s important to underline that in the early 1970s, John Grinder, Richard Bandler, and Frank Pucelik made specific discoveries about the internal processes that high performers use to operate at a genius level. Their ability to code (i.e. identify and describe) these processes and teach them to others has established the scope of NLP.

We use models generated by NLP modeling (by the assimilation and coding of models that have been observed in geniuses in their domain) and NOT fictional recipes.

Is coaching counseling or therapy/Psychotherapy?

Coaching is not counseling or therapy/Psychotherapy. Coaching is about creating choises and taking your own responsibility for change.

The presupposition behind going to counseling or therapy is that the patient is “broken” and needs to be “fixed”, because he/she is enable to solve his/her own problems. So the therapist/Psychotherapist works to fix the patient.

Coaching assumes that the person is going through a difficult moment and has all the creativity and resources needed to take the responsability of making changes in his/her life.

The coach is there to help the client to clarify his/her intention and to guide him/her on the journey. The coach will gain rapport, establish frame, clarify roles.

Elicit, define and refine information (goals and index of success) allows the coachee to get committed and create a proper action plan.

The coach challenges, facilitates and follows up at each session, in order to insure that the client stays on track with his/her momentum.

How many kinds of coaches exist for you?

In our opinion there are 2 main categories acting in coaching area: the Expert Coach and the Process Coach.

Expert Coach is a specialist in a particular field: marketing, operations, sports, management, human resources. Expert Coaches bring their expertise, based on several years of practise and various functions assumed, into the coaching space. Their feedback is huge and highly valuable, and they have the expertise to engage the client in content coaching, telling him/her what to do or what to change (content imposition).


Process Coach is a specialist in working at the process level to help the client achieves his goals, whatever his/her knowledge or experience or the client’s field of activity. This style of coaching works at the process level, in helping the client moves from a present state to a desired state, without being overly directive and without content imposition.

my coaching academy trains only Process Coaching, with the New Code NLP methodology.

What does a Process Coach with New Code NLP?

During a coaching session with clients, the New Code NLP coach draws the clients’ attention to their state, especially in a context where they usually have no choice, or only unsatisfactory choices. The New Code NLP coach selects the most appropriate protocol to influence the internal images, sounds, tactile awareness, internal sensations, taste and smell that have hindered the client. The New Code NLP coach does this with New Code Games, State Builders, and unconscious processes. The result is that when the client enters the limiting context again, he can immediately generate creative and efficient behavior, in a state of High Performance, without ever needing to know what is going to happen.

What does not a process coach with New Code NLP?

During the coaching session with clients, when they express their experiences by word, action, attitude and perspective, the New Code NLP coach is NOT criticizing, interpreting, judging or encouraging. The New Code NLP coach does not impose any formulation of beliefs or values, does not do archaeological research of causes, does not try to understand why this or that happened, does not give suggestions, advice and opinions.

Why we offer “become a certified coach” training?

As John and Carmen used to say: “The process of making changes is far too interesting, exciting and satisfying to limit it to crazies and incompetents.”

The aim of this programme is to offer to the participant a technology based on the latest discoveries in New Code NLP, with a pragmatic and experimental approach, and to educate a new generation of Coaches who work by process and develop the flexibility to use the New Code with Executives, Directors, Managers, Individual of all ages and Athletes.

How is the training for coach articulated and why?

The program is divided in 2 stages:

  1. Certified Practitioner in New Code NLP by ITANLP
  2. Certified International Professional Coach with New Code NLP

A certified Practitioner in New Code Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) by ITANLP may access to stage 2, and become an International Professional Certified Coach with New Code NLP after 2 days of exams and 3 videos on the use of New Code NLP protocols during 3 different coaching sessions.

A Certified International Professional Coach may then access to Franchise level with my coaching partners SA, through a proper and tailored program.

Our intention is to train coaches by giving them a strong knowledge and practice of NLP & New Code NLP, the ability to maintain their state and to be the gardians of their clients’ state, and to ensure that the quality, efficiency and power of coaching remain the same with all coaches trained by my coaching academy.

I am already certified as New Code Practitioner by ITANLP, can I have access to stage 2 as a Certified International Professional Coach?

Yes, you can register.

I already have experience in coaching, may I follow your course?

We want to be clear that, if you already have significant experience and /or qualifications in coaching, we welcome and embrace your existing skills and creativity. One key feature, however, differentiates the coaching methods learned in the 2 stages (Certified Practitioner in New Code NLP by ITANLP and Certified International Professional Coach with New Code NLP) and used by my coaching academy. It is the application of the process models only. We consider the exploration of contents not only unnecessary, but unhelpful, often time-consuming and disrespectful of the client. We will invite you to experience the benefits of leaving behind content models in favour of process, and we will assist you in converting to content procedures where such conversion is possible.

What’is ITANLP?

John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair and Michael Carroll formed the International Trainers Academy in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ITANLP) as a way to ensure that NLP Trainers have the highest standard of training, before offering NLP courses to the public.

By selecting an ITA trainer, you have the assurance that your trainer has been trained and personally awarded certification by John Grinder (Co-Creator of NLP & Co-Creator of New Code NLP), Carmen Bostic St. Clair (Co-Creator of New Code NLP) and Michael Carroll (Co-Developer of New Code NLP).

The mission of the ITANLP is to continually improve the quality of NLP Training by ensuring their member Trainers have themselves received the highest quality NLP Trainers Training and testing, and that member trainers are committed to continually develop and enhance their own NLP skills.

John Grinder is keen to ensure his intentions are maintained and the integrity of NLP is preserved for future NLP generations to be built upon.

Please visit the website:


How is my coaching academy different from other NLP schools?

my coaching academy is the only school able to train people in the New Code and its tools in Switzerland.

What does it mean to "learn inductively"?

It is to learn by experimentation first, without being conditioned by a theoretical construction.


When do I have to pay for the course?

The courses are payable at the time of registration, at the latest 20 working days before the course starts.

How can I pay?

By bank transfer.

Can I pay with a credit card on the first day of class?

In principle no.

What happens if I have to give up?


Any cancellation of the registration to a training course must be sent by registered mail to My Coaching Academy.

If the cancellation occurs after the registration deadline, but before the payment period has expired, the cancellation is free, but subject to a management fee of CHF 250.-, payable immediately.

If the cancellation is made after the payment deadline, but before the start of the training, a quarter of the training amount is immediately due.

If the cancellation is justified, according to the evaluation of My Coaching Academy, for exceptional reasons that are beyond the control of the participant, in particular when there is a medical certificate stating the participant’s inability to participate in the training, the training fees will not be due. Only an amount of CHF 250.- will be due immediately for management fees



The costs of training started remain entirely due. If the participant is obliged to interrupt the training for just reasons beyond his control, in particular due to incapacity justified by a medical certificate, he is offered the possibility of transferring his training, at the same level of progress, according to the established program from My Coaching Academy. The participant can also decide to stop the training. In this case, he will not be able to request a refund for the training already undertaken.

Courses lost due to a validly justified absence can also be recovered in private lessons and will be charged to the participant at a cost of CHF 250.- per hour.


Is there the possibility of simultaneous translation during the course?

No. Classes are given in one language: French, English or Italian.

Are there documents provided with the course?

Yes: a printed manual.

Is the meal included in the price of the training?

No. But a little catering (drinks, snacks, fruit) is offered during class.