Certified Professional Training in Coaching.

Experience a unique and innovative training model with the Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the New Code of NLP.

The most advanced modeling methodology on the market today for change work.

Step 1: Discover the basics

Certified New Code Practitioner


Step 2: Become independent

Certified Professional Coach


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Partner Coach

Coach Partner

It seems that a lot of people think of NLP as just a coaching tool.


In reality, NLP, especially the New Code of NLP, is a well-defined, structured, independent and efficient methodology. The New Code of NLP is fast and efficient; it is at the forefront of personal change and enables clearly quantifiable results, both for individuals and for organizations.


John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair are world leaders in the field of personal development and coaching. And it is in coaching that the application of their techniques really makes sense. The New code of NLP gives the coach or change professional the methodology necessary to identify, understand and modify the client’s “internal state” and therefore his performance.

In accordance with Confederation and Canton of Vaud directives, the courses at my coaching academy keep the dates and will take place through Zoom until we will have the possibility to deliver them in residential.

When it will be possible for participants to attend residential courses, my coaching academy will follow all guidelines for hygiene, distancing and use of the mask.

For more information contact us on 021 351 40 80.